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The Most Peculiar Garage Door Accidents

The Most Peculiar Garage Door Accidents
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Modern civilization and current technologies fill our lives with appliances, devices and systems that can facilitate our days, but if we are not careful, we can easily be involved in small accidents. This age is marked by many significant technological changes and we are called to remember tens of different codes and passwords as we are trying to shield our lives and homes with enhanced security measures and, sometimes, this way of living can fill us with anxieties. The openers, which are used daily, require special attention because they work with electric power and the mechanism consists of many heavy garage door parts.

Give gravity to the important things

The Most Peculiar Garage Door AccidentsSome protection measures are known even to little kids, but many accidents still happen because we neglect to take the most basic precaution measures.

  •     Don't do garage door repairs without unplugging the system first; electricity can become your worst enemy.
  •     Don't ever try to touch the springs or the cables when the mechanism is operating. Do you know how bad a snapped cable can hurt you?
  •     Don't try to fix garage door torsion spring problems without the right tools and thick gloves in your hand.
  •     Don't start a repair procedure if you don't know what you are doing.
  • And take into consideration the improbable
  •     You must keep the driveway clean, especially if it is snowing, because the slippery ground can make your car bump onto the garage door.
  •     No matter how well you take care of the mechanism and how often you do garage door maintenance, keep your distances and never trust completely the system.
  •     Before you press the remote controls, check whether an animal has climbed on the opener or upper part of the door.
  •     Don't trust completely the sensors without trying them out first, especially if you haven't done garage door opener sensors maintenance lately. If they don't communicate properly, they cannot prevent accidents.
  •     Don't press the car breaks the last moment because you don't want to come face to face with your precious garage door if the breaks do not work at their best.
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